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"Rachel is patient, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable"

Before I started working with Rachel I was feeling unsure and a little under pressure with outside deadlines. I knew where I wanted to take my career but felt uncertain at times. In our first session together, Rachel asked me to share a bit about myself and instantly picked up on the fact that I have been able to transform myself in many different phases of my life before. Her insightful statement led me to pause and truly reflect on my journey and I was able to see my path forward in a new light. That session significantly impacted me and I’m grateful for Rachel’s intuitive questions and encouragement. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel. She is an excellent listener and made me feel completely comfortable in her presence. I value her ability to actively listen and create space for me to work through my challenges while she offers knowledge, support, and positivity. 

Coaching with Rachel has been amazing. In our sessions together I was able to feel more confident in my career and the path forward. When starting my sessions with Rachel I was a bit unsure and felt a lot of external pressure. I loved how Rachel always held space for me just as I was but also helped to guide me towards the goals I set for myself. At the end of our time together, I can happily say that I feel so much more confident. 

What I valued about Rachel is that She is patient, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend Rachel as a nurse coach for any individual that was looking to further develop themselves, strengthen their skillsets, or trying to improve their health & wellness. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and shares many resources that help support growth and health & wellness. It is evident that Rachel is committed to growth and development and would be a tremendous asset for anyone that was wanting to make positive changes in their life. I have valued each session with Rachel and am grateful for how she supported me on this journey.

-        Erin Nicoson, BSN, RN



"I felt heard, seen, and validated during some of my toughest times."

Rachel’s coaching sessions were a true gift at the right time. After losing my mother just three months prior, I was full of confusion, sadness and at times anger. Rachel was able to listen and hold space. She would always ask before if I wanted a reflection, feedback and advice with what I was checking in about.



Rachel is full of compassion and love and in my hardest of times she was able to show up authentic and present which helped me ground myself and helped my anxiety so much. I connected deeply with the meditations Rachel initiated at the beginning of each of our sessions, they really grounded me and were able to connect me with myself and do the work fully present.

Rachel always had such good advice for me specifically. A goal we were working on was journaling. It was always something I wanted to do but never actually accomplished it until Rachel suggested I just start once a week even with just a sentence and build from there. This has helped me tremendously. There are so many times I'm at a loss for words and my mind is racing with so many different thoughts. Journaling really helps me clarify my thoughts and see what my needs are at those times. 


During and after Rachel’s calls, I felt heard, seen, and validated which truly helped me get through some of my toughest times and helped me feel empowered and learn new tools to facilitate my own growth. 


I am so grateful for the time I had with Rachel, even with my very busy schedule or canceling last minute Rachel was so flexible and understanding. 


Thank you, Rachel, from my deepest self.

-        Sarah Cole, age 33, Toronto, Canada

“Peter's insightful inquiry helped me be honest with myself about what was keeping me from pursuing the things I wanted to achieve. He helped me develop strategies to overcome limiting habits I had been struggling with for years. My coaching sessions with Peter have had a lasting impact because all the insights were earned through a kind of honest work that leads to a unique empowerment that I can’t help but continue to pursue.”

"Before working with Rachel, I felt lost. Now I have a roadmap to keep me moving on my journey"

Thank you, Rachel, so so much for our time together. Your coaching has been a gift. These past few months have been particularly hard for me, and our time together has started to move me out of this funk and bring energy back into my life! Really, I don't have words to express my gratitude. I feel so blessed to have met you! 


I am so grateful and appreciative for the time I had to work with Rachel as a nurse coach. Working with Rachel has been such an enriching and supportive experience as I take the next steps in my life. Before I worked with Rachel, I was in transition professionally and was also in the midst of some personal/ relationship shifts. I felt stuck and paralyzed on which steps to take next. I’d wake up most mornings, confused on where to start so I just wanted to hide under my blankets. My motivation was suffering, and I had trouble working on both my day-to-day goals and my long-term goals. 


Rachel provided a safe and judgment free space for me to more deeply explore my roadblocks. Her guidance allowed me to clarify my goals, which allowed me to finally move into action. Her empathy and compassion coupled with her suggestions calmed my feelings of overwhelm and shifted my inaction to movement.  Her encouragement and accountability provided the extra nudge I needed to finally gain momentum! Before I worked with Rachel, I felt lost…now I have a map and plan to keep me moving forward on my journey!  My day-to-day life feels more focused and structured, which also allows me more freedom to “play” and enjoy life. I now wake up ready and excited to take on the day! Thank you THANK YOU so much Rachel! Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for our work together! 


   -       Jessie, age 35, California

“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

"I am now living a more fulfilled and serene version of myself."

In these uncertain times, Rachel helped me discover my own clarity and confidence. When I began coaching with Rachel, I was struggling to find balance in my life with a demanding career and hectic family life. Rachel leads gently. After working with her, I was able to clarify my priorities, execute my goals, and discover my own strengths. I am now living a more fulfilled and serene version of myself. I would recommend Rachel to ambitious professionals struggling to balance work, family, and personal goals with mindfulness, clarity, and peace of mind.


-        Miriam Cohen, dentist, age 28


"Rachel tailored a plan just for me, and with her guidance I lost 27lbs!"

There is so much information out there about diet, exercise, and how to get yourself into a better state of health. But what Rachel does is provide context for these regimens and create something that really works for each individual. Something I really appreciated was Rachel’s healthcare background and her nursing knowledge. She is coming from a true research, data, and science-based framework. Rachel guided me to pay more attention to my body, my symptoms, and how my health was affecting my day-to-day functioning. She had so much brilliant advice that directed me toward my goals and help me get to where I wanted to be. I lost 27 pounds with Rachel’s guidance. She really tailored a program that worked for me specifically and I am so grateful for the changes I was able to make. Rachel helped me recognize my own inner power to change and helped me break the barriers that have held me back for years. I would enthusiastically recommend Rachel’s coaching to anyone looking to make lasting changes in their life.

-        Tzippy Z., Los Angeles, CA


"Having Rachel as a health coach was like having a therapist, a girlfriend not afraid to talk about anything, a great doctor knowledgeable in natural health, and a life coach all in one. She wears many hats -- whichever hat you need her to wear -- and has remarkable gifts as a healer and life guide."

Over the past 20 years, as a busy stay-at-home mom of five, I had not realized just how deeply ingrained the habit of neglecting my own health had become. Slowing down and working with Rachel has forced me to confront the surprising power of my deep inner resistance to prioritizing self-care. Rachel has also helped me stop uselessly berating myself for all those years of stagnation and non-progress toward my health goals. With her help, I no longer feel so abnormal or broken, and have finally been able to make real headway in several areas. She has given me new optimism, new tools, and a better way of thinking about the process of growth, both through direct instruction and modeling. 


The unexpected sense of relief I first felt at unburdening myself to Rachel about every last "minor," nagging problem -- from insomnia, to every detail of chronic pain, to "embarrassing" issues like stress incontinence and hormonal hair loss, to indecision about and resistance to exercising, to motivation and organizational problems -- was powerful and immediate. Just handing those problems over to a knowledgeable and empathic professional to hold and consider for me was a healing and clarifying experience. Rachel genuinely and effortlessly conveyed the sense of really being in the trenches with me, as someone who has herself gone through comparable struggles and been able to overcome many of them, while also being engaged in an ongoing way with her own challenges. Her friendly, open nature, her positive, growth-oriented mindset, combined with the breadth and versatility of her knowledge about both health and the challenges of managing time well -- all joined to her generosity in sharing her gifts and relevant experiences with me -- really made the coaching process a wonderful journey. 


Our sessions were devoted to sequenced and unstressful ways to build in time for self-care -- for goals such as meditation, journaling, exercise, bedtime routines, wise use of supplements, choosing and scheduling appointments with specialists -- into my weeks and days. I was given the "permission" I personally really needed to escape my mental paralysis and break large, overwhelming goals into smaller, manageable ones in an atmosphere of acceptance, empathy, and optimism. The discipline of having to be accountable week after week for doing something good for yourself is invaluable in breaking old habits of self-neglect -- and Rachel intuitively strikes the right balance of empathy and challenge, allowing you to make progress without becoming overwhelmed and re-mired in self-blame. If I got stuck and an idea wasn't working for me, Rachel was creative and flexible at troubleshooting and adapting.


I really cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. Having Rachel as a health coach was like having a therapist, a girlfriend not afraid to talk about anything, a great doctor knowledgeable in natural health, and a life coach all in one. She wears many hats -- whichever hat you need her to wear -- and has remarkable gifts as a healer and life guide. Having been in therapy for years, I have to say I found health coaching more focused and more productive than therapy. Physical health is both a broad goal and a more focused goal than mental health, and for me, focusing on physical health -- and mental health insofar as it complements physical health -- served almost like a shortcut to mental health I didn't know existed. Please do yourself a favor and give health coaching with Rachel a try! 


-        NK, Seattle, WA

"My biggest new insight is tapping into my inner peace and seeking it when I am feeling overwhelmed"

Working with Rachel is like a breath of fresh air! She brings a calming atmosphere with her and creates a space for positive and energetic growth.

What I liked most about our coaching relationship is her zen! She is such a great listener. She takes what you have to say, let’s it sink in and offers excellent feedback. Her spirit is light and loving, she only wants the best for you.

One of the greatest benefits I achieved from our time together is slowing down, being in the moment, and being present. I had a hard time with my mind always racing and stressing out about the next thing. She inspires me to enjoy life in the moment you are living.

My biggest new insight is tapping into my inner peace and seeking it when I am feeling overwhelmed. 

I recommend Rachel coaching for anyone who is needing positive and loving coaching in their lives. She offers such a positive space each interaction. She offers excellent insight and coaching tools to help you push through whatever life has to throw at you.  

-        Amber Straub, BSN, RN

         Health and Wellness Coach


"I felt comfortable sharing and confiding in her. She inspired me to increase my self-care practices and also to gain time management skills."


Learning to coach with Rachel has been a wonderful experience. She has a lot of self-awareness and wisdom along with a passion for holistic well-being and personal growth. I enjoyed our conversational style sessions and the easy way she had of building rapport and extracting information from me.  I felt comfortable sharing and confiding in her. She inspired me to increase my self-care practices and also to gain time management skills. I have started journaling, meditating more regularly and have a renewed outlook on exercise. I am now getting more productive hours out of each day which means I have more free time without having to stress about it!  After each session with Rachel, I felt energized and inspired to be productive. I would have no reservations about referring Rachel to anyone looking for a compassionate coach to help them transform their lives and become the person they desire to be.

-         Michelle Adams, RN

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