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Do you feel...

Afraid of being judged for speaking your truth?


Like you have what to say but
don’t know how to say it?


That you have so much more to give than just bedside care?

Are you ready to...

Express your inner truth with ease and confidence?


Unblock your throat chakra
and let your voice be heard?


Share your story and inspire others with clarity and purpose?

If you answered YES!

to any of those questions

This 18 week journey will

Take you from blocked

& uncertain to confidently

sharing your story

4 Months

SEPT. 3 - DEC. 10, 2024


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Program #1


Gain access to your transformative program designed exclusively for nurses. Unleash your inner storyteller and heal through writing.

Program #2


Experience personalized coaching sessions that will guide you on your creative healing journey.

Program #3


A dedicated space for your creativity to flourish. Weekly hour long calls with silent writing time to work on your writing projects. It is FREE to join!

Program #4


Connect with a community of like-minded nurses who are on the same healing journey as you.

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Program #5

Join us for a monthly book club discussion where we explore SOUL INSPIRED books.

$150 for 6 monthly sessions. 

All sessions will be on Mondays at 1:30 PST / 4:30 PST

Enrollment is open until May 1, 2024

Registration fee: $150 for 6 months

Call Schedule: 90 minute Zoom meetings on mondays from 1:30-3:30 PM PST/4:40-6:00 PM EST

Program #6

Self-Paced HTWW.png

Experience the magic of Heal the Write Way at your own pace for $197


Program #7

Join me for a powerful 50 minute conversation where I help you gain clarity around something big in you're life for $250


Linde, C. 

I think every nurse should take this workshop, and definitely anyone who write, and loves to read. Because it's not just about writing... it's really about creative recovery.

I have been moving closer to a long-held goal of focusing on what is serving me and the people I want to serve. Writing helps me focus and unlocks my creativity. The support, feedback, guidance, and resources Rachel provides in this workshop make me want to keep writing. 

Christy B.

I recently graduated nurse coaching school. This workshop has provided me with a great mindset director, much needed peer interaction, confidence and the willingness to take risks.


Heal the Write Way has given me a taste of what writing is all about and now I want more. I am now open to new things and new directions and I know this is going to grow into so many levels of writing and artistry. I am a fan!

Michelle L.

I have been on the conscious journey home since having acute PTSD 2 1/2 years ago. My old life that no longer serves me is falling away. A new life, the real me emerges. 

Within Rachel's sacred writing, my Soul has a place to speak through writing. My goal to let my true self speak through my pen. It works when you sit down and write. No judgement. Just sacred space with myself. Do it!

I have more clarity and connectedness.

Jenie B.

Prior to joining this program, I was struggling to write. It would take me forever to write and half the time I would abandon what I was working on. It didn't feel safe in my body to share.  Rachel, this program is so good. You have created gold. I love the format, the safety of the container, your comments are always positive, and the group dynamic is so encouraging. 

I started writing a freaking book. I feel like I've had shift in my creativity and my ability to use my voice. 

Maria Louise F.

I wanted to improve my writing and was thinking about writing a book. 

Through Heal the Write Way, I have learned so much, put into action one of my major work-related goals, and met a great group of supportive Nurse Coaches whom I consider friends. 

I am now confident that my dream of writing is going to come true.

Sally D.

I love the community that has formed within this container and the beautiful way Rachel and Tilda have facilitated it. I have been self conscious of my writing in the past and this workshop allowed me the freedom to just write and read my writing without feeling judged. I have really loved the space.

I have been self-conscious of my writing in the past and this workshop allowed me the freedom to just write and read my writing without feeling judged. I have really loved the space.


Some of the goals I had when joining Heal the Write Way were to get back in touch with my more creative side and start writing poetry again. This workshop has been very fun and I love the deep conversations that we have during the sessions.


The biggest change I've seen in myself is that I now look forward to writing daily, and when I don't, I feel like something is missing. I crave writing now. I think it could be a real life-changer. 

Kelli D. RN

Heal the Write Way has opened a completely different door of creativity for me.
As an artist I’ve always looked at objects, landscapes, etc. with the thought of how I would draw or paint them. I would look at the way the light landed on a tree or leaf. I would consider colors, shapes, texture.

Now, as a writer I look at daily experiences and think about how I can describe it later in written format. I think about the smells, the feelings, colors, emotions that I can communicate with the written word.

I feel more confident and thoughtful about the words I choose.

I journal almost every morning now in my morning pages and feel something is missing if I don’t. I thought maybe this would change after completing the course but it has definitely made an impact in my daily life.

I find myself writing thoughts on sticky notes throughout the day to write about later when I have time.

I look forward to continuing the morning pages. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally write a memoir about my adventures in nursing.

Alexcie S.

I loved the connection and community that was created amongst my fellow nurses. I definitely didn't expect to be so vulnerable and open to some things, but it felt really good to have a trusting group to confide in. 

The biggest change has been becoming much more in tune with how writing can affect me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Anna B.

I really love how the different prompts every week stretched me and I have used some of the ideas from my brain. Doing morning pages has been helpful to clear the clutter floating around in my head. 

I appreciate being in a small group. It allows for it to be more intimate and everyone has time to talk, write, and read. I really loved hearing other people's. It was fun, insightful, and humbling. 

Rhonda M.

Before starting the Heal the Write Way program, I was having difficulty expressing myself. I was overwrought with fear of what people would think. I don't want to offend anyone.

The Heal the Write Way program has been amazing! Before this program, I would not have shared my writing, but Rachel created a loving, nurturing safe space for me to share. 

I can say with confidence that I have found my voice


When I joined Heal the Write Way, I was lost. I knew something big was about to happen, but I wasn't sure what the next step was or how to let whatever was trying to happen, happen. My goals for this workshop were to LET GO and step fully into my Being. 

My self-awareness is now through the roof and the ability to write and dig through the shadows of yourself and come out shining is the most amazing feeling.  My spirituality has blossomed. It has shined a very bright light on all my relationships. And my most favorite change is the general peace of mind I now carry with me. Not that I'm never stressed or frustrated, but I now know how to find my way back to peace, which is something I was missing before.

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