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It is time to meet 

Heal from the inside out

I will help you heal from the inside out. 

I am Rachel and I have been a registered nurse for over a decade. I am passionate about holistic and preventative medicine, and I could not be more excited that you’re here! I will guide you on a journey to find more balance in your life. So many of us are searching for ways to feel more at peace with ourselves and the world around us. Using a holistic and integrative framework, I will help you achieve your goals in every area of your life.


After pouring my heart and soul into my career and my family for over ten years, I realized how stretched thin I was and began to look for ways to achieve wellness and better overall life satisfaction. Using a holistic framework,  I was able to feel better, and step into my own potential. By addressing every area of your life and by drawing my own life experiences, I will guide you to step into a more vibrant, balanced, and successful version of yourself.

Utilizing my vast experience working with hugely diverse populations within the medical field combined with my holistic training, I will help you achieve the balance you have been seeking. We will optimize your systems and time management skills, we will identify your barriers to success, and we will utilize pragmatic tools to enhance and upgrade your physical and mental health.



My approach to transformation is informed by my training and experience in Western medicine combined with various modalities of alternative healing. We will co-create a compelling vision for your future and a roadmap to get there. 


I have helped clients find balance, reboot their physical health, get organized, and achieve success using a holistic framework. 


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